Our Mission to Eradicate Needle Stick Injuries by 2030

Our Mission

At an average healthcare workers suffer from approximately 30 needle stick injuries per 100 hospital beds per year. These injuries may cause serious and potential fatal transmission of Blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis B or C viruses (HBV, HCV) or HIV. In fact, nearly 90,000 healthcare workers worldwide contract Blood-borne infections annually (HBV, HCV, HIV) due to Needle stick injuries.

Safety devices reduce the risk of a needle stick injury by 22% - 100%. Not all safety devices can protect you. The main reasons for needle stick injury with safety devices are:

  • Safety mechanism has to be activated by the user, by click or by rotation mechanisms.
  • Risky activation procedure.
  • Incomplete activation.
  • User noncompliance.

Trident Mediquip Limited has come up with an innovative solution for the above-mentioned existing problems with its advanced Double Safety mechanism for Safety IV Catheters.

At Trident Mediquip: Our mission is to eradicate Needle Stick Injuries caused by IV. Catheters by 2030.
-- Mr. Nachiket Amin (CEO)